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Dhrubajit (Deep) Saikia

Farm Technician

Dhrubajit Saikia (Deep) is originally from Assam, India. He immigrated to New Zealand with his wife Arundhati in August, 2004. He had obtained a work visa to work in a New Zealand dairy farm and started his dairy career as soon as he landed in New Zealand. He worked in a dairy farm in the Ashburton area for 6 years. Deep started his job as a dairy farm assistant in late 2004, became a herd manager in 2006 and then a responsible 2IC in the same dairy farm in 2007, which he continued to June 2010. They became New Zealand residents in 2006 and were blessed with a beautiful baby girl (Annwesha) in August, 2007.

He has a Bachelor degree in Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry from Assam Agricultural University (AAU), India. He went to do higher studies at Lincoln University after leaving his farming job in late 2010. He gained a postgraduate scholarship from Lincoln University and enrolled himself in a “Post Graduate Diploma” in Agricultural Science. After successfully completing the diploma he took up a Master’s Programme in the same university and achieved a “Master’s Degree” in Parasitology specialising in Cattle Internal Parasites. He worked for a few months in Synlait Farms as a “Farm Technician” back in 2013 and came back to take up a full-time “Farm Technician” role at Purata Farming Ltd. in September, 2015. He became a proud New Zealand citizen along with his wife in 2016.


Dhrubajit (Deep) Saikia