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  • 2016/17

  • 519 ha

    Effective Area
  • 519,920

    Production – kgMS
  • 1002

    Production – per Ha

Riverlands is a 640ha farm divided between 519ha of milking area and 92ha dryland. The property is managed by a farm manager and 8 permanent team members.

  • A spray irrigated dairy farm (predominantly pivots) located on the northern terraces of the Rakaia River at Te Pirita. The farm relies on Rakaia river water of which supply can be affected of weather conditions.
  • The farm has two separate dairy sheds – a 54 bale rotary with meal feeding and a 44 bale herringbone.
  • Includes five modern homes to accommodate the team.
  • Riverland is in its seventh year of production and large areas of the farm have been devoted to kale growing in the past three years as part of a regrassing strategy. This has decreased per ha production but will aid performance in the future.
  • In the 2016/17 season, 1552 cows produced 335 kgMS per cow.
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