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Finding the right person, not the first person

15 Nov 2012

The key to harmonious staff relations is getting recruitment right and employing flexible team players, say
Canterbury large farm contract milkers Michael and Susie Woodward.

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Athol and Jane

Attention to detail wins

20 Sep 2012

Attention to detail and hands on approach are having the desired effect in reducing mastitis on the Canterbury farm Managed by Athol New. Anne Lee talked to him about how he's making the difference.



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Industry leading InSynC programme was launched on 14th February 2012

22 Mar 2012

Synlait Farms have to remain innovate if we want to be leading  multi farm business in the world; Juliet says innovation is the most important of Synlait Farms' six "strategic platforms ". The others are cows, grass, people, environment and land. "For me, innovation is the most exciting pillar in the whole strategy but is the most difficult to implement.” Implementation of Lean principals across all the farms was one of Juliet’s ideas. InSynC is the name given to the project of implementation of Lean principles. InSynC refers to Innovation with in Synlait via Continuous Improvement. InSynC currently sits in the Innovation platform. InSynC-Launch-in-Dairy-Exporter.pdf [assets/Uploads/InSynC-Launch-in-Dairy-Exporter.pdf]

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