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Synlait Farms rebrands as Purata

2 Mar 2015

Synlait Farms – the former subsidiary business of Synlait Ltd – has rebranded as Purata.

With Latin and Maori origins meaning ‘clear, bright - like a beautiful morning,” Purata’s name reflects the company’s new vision post ownership change, says Purata CEO Juliet Maclean.

Accompanied by the tagline ‘Farming for Tomorrow’, the Purata brand embodies the company’s focus on innovation, sustainability and creativity.

Juliet Maclean says changing the brand name, tagline and colour palate will help Purata reinforce its separate identity since leaving parent company Synlait Ltd.



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We have won an award for Continuous Improvement

25 Sep 2014

The runners up of Ci forum Annual Programme of the year award

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Synlait shed

How car industry technology has revolutionized Synlait Farms' management practice

1 May 2014

As a result of implementing the 6S principles in milking sheds, Synlait estimates that it is now saving 15 minutes per employee per day.

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